■ About NYAA

  • New York Artist Association, established in February of 2008 by the active artists in New York ,has steadily grown to the extent of having 15 sections in art field. Currently NYAA have over 35,000 members in New York and US Eastern area.
  • The main purpose of NYAA is increase of interchanging between one art field and other art fields ,and promoting the remarkable achievement of our artists to the people through the world-wide network.

We are sure that NYAA will contribute to the development of world art and culture by the brilliant and creative energy.

  • We would like to take this opportunity to render our sincere gratitude to all of our valued supporters and wish for their success.

                                            New York Artists Association.



■CINEMA(영화분과위원회)- Film ,Documentary, CF Model, Animation,

■MUSIC(음악분과위원회) -Pop,Jazz,Composition,Instrumental,Conducting,Religion, Advertisement Music

■ART(미술분과위원회)Western Painting, Oriental Painting,Sculptoe,Ceramic Art, Calligraphy, Illustration, Fine Art :

■DANCE(무용분과위원회)-Tradition D, Folk D, Ballet,Modern D, B-Boy,Fencing,Taekwondo, etc.


■IMAGE/VIDEO ART(영상분과위원회)-Video,Audio,,Recording,Editing:

■MULTIMEDIA(멀티미디어분과위원회) -Web Disign, Image, Graphic Art:

■PHOTOGRAPHY(사진분과위원회)-Digital, Fine Art Photo, Adevertisement, Fashion:


■DESIGN(디자인분과위원회)- Advertisement,Fashion,Jewelry,Florist….etc:


■MASS MEDIA- TV/Radio(언론분과위원회), Cable,Broadcasting,Newspaper,Magazine:


■PERFORMANCE MAKE-Up/Styling Art(공연,무대분장,스타일링분과위원회)-Make-up, Fahion or Advertisement, Hair, Total Coordinate:

■PUBLIC RELATIONS/GLOBAL NETWORK(해외네트워크,세계홍보분과위원회)-PR & Global


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