Animation: ‘Green Days’ & ‘The House’ @MoMI on June



Green Days (Sojunghan narui Kkum)

Director: Ahn Jae-hoon, Han Hye-jin
Cast: Park Shin-hye, Song Chang-eui, Oh Yeon-seo

With this warm-hearted animation, it encourages adolescents the dream, hope, and courage, and remind us of our lost past memory, evoking the dream that we have lost in this modern society. Yi-rang is a track runner in her high school. One day, she falls behind in a race, and since then Yi-rang quits running out of fear she will lose again. She gets closer one of popular girls at the school, Soo-min, and observes her charms feels even more insecure. Classmate Chul-soo, who aspires to become an astronaut, attempts to help Yi-rang find her way.

Saturday, June 22, 2013 @1PM

The House (Jip)

Director: Park Mi-sun, Park Eun-young, Ban Joo-young, Lee Jae-ho, Lee Hyun-jin
Cast: Kim Kkot-bi, Ha Jae-sook, Choi Jung-ho, Choi Ha-na

Considering the severe reality of Korean animation in that it lacks an industrial infrastructure, The House demonstrates the possibilities of Korean animation and the efficiency of collective production. Ga-yeong is living in shabby environment of a marginalized district, and is about to collapse for the modernization and industrialization, and suddenly she finds that the house’s spirit is dwelling at that house. 5 animators make showcase of the pleasure of the collective imagination.

Saturday, June 29, 2013 @1PM

Address: The Museum of the Moving Image. 35th Avenue at 37th Street, Astoria (From midtown, taxi or N/Q Train Outbound to 36th Avenue)

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