Exhibition “Soul of Chun” 천의 혼- Jun.20~ July 20-Chun Gallery.


Press Release: Gallery Chun


Exhibition Date: June 20 – July 20
Reception Date: June 27, Friday


Featuring Artists: Chie Ja Chun, Sei Ryun Chun, Ji Ae Chun (Choi), So Yeon Chun, Kyung Hee Chun


Exhibition: “Soul of Chun”


Gallery Chun presents, “Soul of Chun,” an exhibition featuring


five passionate female artists who share the family name, Chun.


While actively pursuing their art career, they are also poets and educators.


Each artist has different approaches in art, classicizing ceramics to modern expressionistic paintings.


However, the Chun family proudly represents art that


can inspire the viewers of tradition and creativity, simultaneously.


Gallery Chun welcomes you in resonating this Family’s ambition

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