Exhibition-Artist Ho Sook Kang. Jan 12.


Gallery Korea of Korean Culture Service NY
Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 12, 6 ~ 8 PM

   Gallery Korea presents a special exhibition by Ho Sook Kang, a Korean-born artist living and working in Brooklyn. Having learned poetry, calligraphy, and Korean landscape painting at a young age, Kang’s work naturally draws upon such ancient traditions. Kang’s absorption in the natural world is rooted in the age-old belief that one may find solace or renewal through contemplation of landscape.
This exhibition shows the richness of her works which is exploring the beauty and volatility of the natural world. In this exhibition, her art can be seen as a movement in silent nature. As a drop of water, for example, comes to the sea and dust falls on the mountains, human beings also in the end exist as tiny specks of dust in nature. Accordingly, she describes the endlessly changeable and circular condition of nature by using dots in a general abstract pattern.

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