Three-Person Exhibition of DS LEE, Joy Jongmin Kim, Loretta ParkCurated by Jin K. Choi


Different, But Alike

Three-Person Exhibition of DS LEE, Joy Jongmin Kim, Loretta Park
Curated by Jin K. Choi

May 3 – May 24, 2018
Ray Gallery (55 Washington St #721, Brooklyn, New York 11201)
Gallery Hours: [Mon – Fri] 12PM – 6PM, [Sat] 11AM – 3PM 

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 3, 6 – 8 pm

The AHL Foundation is pleased to present “Different, But Alike,” a Three-Person exhibition guest-curated by Jin K. Choi, (AHL-Chun Family Foundation Curatorial Fellowship recipient), featuring work by three artists, DS LEE, Joy Jongmin Kim, and Loretta Park. Using sculptures and paintings, the three Korean-born artists in the exhibition uniquely engage the genre revealing their perceptions of surrounding components of daily life in different, abstract forms within their signature media. “Different, But Alike” offers each artist’s thematically and stylistically different ideologies, incorporating subject matters on the canvas and in the space.


DS LEE received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her artistic practice reflects her earlier academic and professional background of architecture and urban design through careful consideration of non-structure and application of industrial materials. In addition, her deep interests in fashion have conjured up a profound dialogue with human and surrounding components of daily life, which she has developed and refined through several years of experimental studio practice. Her work has shown for a number of prominent exhibitions at Amos Eno Gallery, Nexxt, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, Interstate Project, Luhring Augustine, A.I.R Gallery, Invisible Dog, Youme Haus, etc.


Joy Jongmin Kim is a self-taught, mixed media painter, based in New York. He was born in a small town of a southern province in South Korea and moved to Manhattan in 2014. He started to draw cartoons to entertain his friends in his early years, developing and changing his styles extensively with his audacious use of color and dynamic brushstrokes. He captures the moments from his daily life and travels, recreating the stories on canvas with his expressive style, and challenging the traditional movements and techniques of institutional Korean art. He was inspired by the emotionally moving techniques of Pablo Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat, juxtaposing Afro-American culture and contemporary street art.


Loretta Park received her MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston and studied visual arts and art history at Bowdoin College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in 2011. Park’s passion for studio practice emerged during her undergraduate career, and in the short time since then, she has exhibited her work in New York, Boston, New Jersey, and other locations in New England. As an emerging artist, Park tries to create work that is unapologetic and frank, while looking at other artists such as Jessica Stockholder and Judy Pfaff for wisdom and inspiration. The idea of play is important for Park and she is always mindful of what Sol Lewitt once said: “Your work is not high stakes, nail-biting professional challenge. It is a form of play. Lighten up and have fun with it.”


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